Stability of yield and yield components of rice and correlation analysis of high yield related characters
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Key Words: AMMI model  rice  yield  yield component  stability
刘丽华1,王新兵2,汤凤兰3,李红宇1,郑桂萍1,左豫虎1 (1.黑龙江八一农垦大学农学院 黑龙江 大庆 163319 2.黑龙江省 洪河农场 黑龙江 同江 1563323.黑龙江省齐齐哈尔管理局种子管理局 黑龙江 齐齐哈尔 161005) 
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      In order to provide scientific basis for validatio n and application of rice varieties in arid and semi arid areas, 6 rice varieti es (lines) was planted in 6 different ecological sites in Heilongjiang Province to analyzed the stability of yield and yield components (spike per hole, grains per spike, 1000 grain weight, and seed setting rate) of rice by using AMMI mode l. The results showed that the interaction of genotype and environment (G×E) af fected significantly on yield and yield components of rice. Under the condition of various rice varieties (lines) planted in different regions, the stability of yield and yield components was much different, in which the yield of Kendao 08- 924 was the most stable. 850 Farm and Junchuan Farm were suitable for regional t est of rice. The number of secondary rachis per spike and spike length were corr elated with all characters at significant or extremely significant level, except for seed setting rate and yield. The rice yield was positively correlated with spike number at significant level, but it was not significantly correlated with other characters.