Comprehensive effect of the main practices of conservation tillage for double cropping system in Guanzhong basin of Shaanxi Province——Ⅱ.Effect of main practices on the growth, yield and output value of the double cropping syste
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Key Words: Guanzhong basin  double cropping  main practices  growth  yield  output value
朱 琳1,张 炜1,党小选1,刘永利1,黄耀明2 (1.西北农林科技大学机械与电子工程学院陕西 杨凌 712100 2.陕西省宝鸡市农机管理推广中心 陕西 宝鸡 721006) 
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      In order to cope with the problems facing conservation tillage practices in double cropping system in Guanzhong basin, Shaanxi Province, we studied the effects of five types and ten main tillage practices on crop growth, yield and output value of the double cropping system, and compared them with the conventional method. The results showed that high yield and output value gained in both winter wheat and summer maize by using subsoiling every other year in subsoiling interval time experiment on land without straw mulching, with subsoiling every other year ranking third among eleven techniques. Rotary tillage with straw mulching showed higher values compared with rotary t illage with no straw mulching, and ranked sixth. Deep subsoiling was better than shallow subsoiling under straw mulching, and it ranked first. Yield and output value of no-tillage and no straw mulching were higher than no-tillage and straw mulching. Between the two methods of plowing tillage, straw returning was better and ranked second among all the 11 practices.