Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas(ARAA) Briefings
    ARAA(Agricultural Research in the Arid Areas), the first Chinese core academic journalon dryland farming launched in 1983 in China, is superintended by Chinese Ministry of Education and sponsored by Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University.ARAA primarily deals with frontiers of agricultural research in arid, semi-arid, semi-moist and drought-prone areas in northern China, inclusively covers domestic seasonal drought agricultural practice in humid areas and overseas dryland farming research trends, fully portraits cutting-edge achievements, theories,techniques and experiences in above regions in China and promptly presents the latest research advances worldwide. In general, ARAA features both applied and basic scientific research focusing on dryland farming and highlighting rational water use and irrigation farming progress.
    ARAA publishes innovative and practical research papers, research reports, review works and rapid communication on major columns including but not limited to crop drought resistance physiology and regulation,drought-resisting crop breeding,water-saving irrigation theories and techniques, dryland water-saving farming and cultivation techniques, crop and soil water dynamics, soil and crop nutrition, dryland agri-ecology and resources utilization, dryland agricultural machinery,drought monitoring and forecasting,dryland climate and its impact on crops, etc. Besides, a special column of Expert Forum is opened for thematic elaborations by invited dryland researchers from home and abroad.
ARAA is a core journal of agro-science in GCJC (Guide to the Chinese Core Journals), and core sci-tech journal of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. Its impact factor and citation frequency ranked Top300 Chinese sci-tech journals for consecutive years. ARAA is included and reproduced by CSCI, CAJCED,CNKI,AJ(Russia) and other domestic and foreign authoritative databases and the ARAA editorial department has successfully established and run profound academic and information exchange with dryland farming research institutions from 20 plus countries and international organizations.
    ARAA is a dual-effect journal of the Chinese Periodicals Matrix and has been honored over 20 titles and awards including Outstanding Technical Journal in China by State Science and Technology Committee,CPCCC Propaganda Department, Press and Publication Administration, Key Scientific Journal by Ministry of Science and Technology, Excellent Journal in Universities by Ministry of Education, Excellent Scientific Journal(2nd session) by China Society of Agronomy, Key Scientific Journals by Shaanxi provincial government in recent years.
    ARAA has a massive audience and author group home and abroad and effected a far-reaching impact in China dryland farming research. Thanks to its distinctive professionalism, features and quality, the journal receives universal recognition and appreciation from the authors and readers and works as an efficient stage to drive academic study and promote achievements communication in dryland farming.