Agreement in Relation to Copyright in an article for ARAA

1.      Such an agreement shall be signed by authors with the editorial office after reviewing the terms and take effect since the day the paper is submitted to ARAA;

2.      The editors shall strictly fulfill their obligations as is included in Publication Ethics to ensure the fair treatment of manuscripts submitted and the timely publishing of quality journals;

3.       Reviewers should act in accordance with the post description supervised by editorial staff;

4.       Authors shall ensure they write entirely new works free from infringement like plagiarism or disclosure of national secrecy, and be fully and solely responsible for any cases involving infringement or breach of confidence;   

5.      The corresponding author should ensure that parallel submission or former publishing of same manuscript to multiple journals or primary publications are unacceptable and the editorial office has the right to reject and claim for cost or loss compensation hereby caused once the above mentioned or alike detected;

6.      Submission of the paper naturally assigns to ARAA editorial office the exclusive licensing rights and sole agency of the copyright of the paper including compiling(partial or full version),publishing and publishing of the paper and reprinting, translating and network disseminating in online and electronic forms. Meanwhile, ARAA editorial office exclusively operates the licensing agency of the paper to be embodied by domestic and overseas literature retrieval system and database, ie, without the written authorization from ARAA, the paper shall not be compiled, reprinted or published except for the citation or compilation in the follow-up works or personal collections by the authors;

7.      The agreement automatically terminates if or when the author receives rejection notice or no feedback 60 days after submission and the author has the right to submit the paper to other journals;

8.      Once published in ARAA, the lump-sum remuneration including payment for embodiment in other database will be paid together with 3 sample issues. No further remuneration is to be paid if or when the editorial office would publish the same paper in other forms;

9.       Other issues not covered above or disputes arising shall be settled through consultation following terms in Copyright Law of PRC and other related regulations. 


 Party A:                         Party B: ARAA Editorial Department