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Author’s English Name (Times New Roman, Font 4, centered)

e.g. ANG  Gao-jia1,2,3, QIAO  Shu-wen1,2, OUYANG  Hua-yu3

Author Affiliation (Times New Roman, Font 6, italic, centered))

Abstract □□□□□□□□□  (Times New Roman, Font 5)

Key words: □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□Font 5Times New Roman


1First level heading ( Font 4, Times New Roman, flush)


Second level heading(Font 5, boldfaceflush)


body, font 5, Times New Roman, 4 letters indented

1.1.1Third level headings: (Font 5, Cambria, flush) □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□body, font size 5 point, Times New Roman, 4 letters indented

 (Figures and tables shall be inserted in the relevant position with titles and diagrams centered)

Table 1 □□□□□□font 9, Times New Roman, center

Three-line tables without vertical lines; auxiliary horizontal lines are permitted.

Contents in the table (English: font 9, Times New Roman. Chinese: font 9, Song typeface)

Fig.1 □□□□□□(font 9, Times New Roman, centered)

Notes 1. □□□; 2. □□□; 3. □□□; 4. □□□.  (font 9, in Song typeface or Times New Roman.)

Acknowledgement (font 10.5, Boldface type, flush)

References (font size 9 point, boldface type, flush)

 [1]  Wade W K Sanchez  P AMulching effect of green manure application for continuous crop production in the Amazon basin [J]  Agron  J ,1983,75:39-45.doi

 (References font 9 in boldface or Times New Roman, flush)